「日常茶飯事/Everyday occurrence」 (Japanese/English)

We are having an installation event "NICHIJO SAHANJI" in Berlin and Poznan on 13・14・15th of July. A monk who trained at EIEHIJI ;TENGSHING will be coming to present the "eating ceremony" which is held every morning in the ZEN temple. It is said that this ceremony is the origin of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony as well. 

We hope to provide a chance to experience this beautiful way of eating and the deep respect towards food and life. Detailed information is written below. If you are not sure about the access, please contact us by e-mail (seigaku  @  unsui.net).


「日常茶飯事」パフォーマンス in Berlin
日時と場所: 【13日】 2012年07月13日(金)18:00~19:00
UNDO in Berlin (Wörther Straße 48 10435 Berlin GERMANY)

【15日】 2012年07月15日(日)14:00~15:00
  ENGAKUIN in Poznan (ul. Głęboka 6 Poznań POLAND)
参加費: 無料

内容: 「日常茶飯事 (にちじょうさはんじ)」とは、皆さんご存知の通り「毎日当たり前に行っている事」を指します。今回行うパフォーマンスでは、禅宗の修行道場にて700年間、毎日行われ続けている厳格な食事作法「応量器展鉢 (おうりょうきてんぱつ)」を見て頂きます。「応量器」とは僧侶が一人に一つだけ与えられる食器で、デザイン的にも注目されている漆の器です。この食器の合理的な機能とも密接につながっている、独特な作法に従って食事をします。この食事作法をはじめとする「禅」の思想は茶道・華道・弓道・武道...、多くの道の源流にあるとも言われています。


*お問い合わせは、e-mail:tengshing.k  @  gmail.com まで。

風間 天心 (かざまてんしん) http://www.tengshing-k.com/

1979年 北海道生まれ。2008年 武蔵野美術大学大学院油絵コース修了。
2009年 曹洞宗大本山永平寺にて一年安居。2006年 第9回岡本太郎現代

※追記 開催日時に誤りがあったため修正しました。失礼致しました。2012/07/08

「日常茶飯事 Nichijosahanji/Everyday occurrence」

Date : 13th July 2012(Fri) 18:00-
Place : UNDO in BERLIN
( Wörther Straße 48 10435 BERLIN GERMANY )
Fee : Free

Workshop "Zen in daily life" by Seigaku
Date : 14th July 2012(Sat) 14:00-
( ul. Głęboka 6 Poznań POLAND )
Fee : Free

Date : 15th July 2012(Fri) 10:00-
( ul. Głęboka 6 Poznań POLAND )
Fee : Free

About Oryokitempatsu

This strict meal method is one of the important Zen trainings, which has been performed daily and passed on over 700 years at a Temple in Japan. We call this method "応量器展鉢 Oryokitempatsu". "応量器 Oryoki" is created by only one tableware that is handed to each monk at the beginning of his practice. These lacquer dishes has been recognized as a product for it's simple but beautiful designs. The method was developed in a way which is closely related to this. It is also said to be the origin of many Japanese art, such as tea ceremony, Ikebana(Japanese flower arrangement), archery, Bushido(martial arts of Japan). 

This meal method is practiced in a hall where the general public is forbidden to enter. Even monks is not allowed. Only the ones who are in their training may step inside. "It is to be seen by no one." Nevertheless the beautiful manners has been handed down, continued and protected by monks.

Modern society is spending a great deal of time and energy to create only the surface, with no awareness about the direction it is heading. I wish to propose this event as a space you feel the significance of both "RELIGION and ART" can bring to our world. 

Tengshing Kazama http://www.tengshing-k.com/

Born in 1979, Hokkaido. 2008 BA in Fine Art, Musashino Art University.
2009 Training at Temple Eiheiji. 2006 "Contemporary Art grand prize
exhibition of TARO" Kawasaki. 2010 "Iwaki Art Triennnale" Fukushima. 
2011 "Nomadic CIrcus Troupe" Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art...etc.
Being a monk and an artist, Tengshing seeks the relationship between "art and religion" with a strong belief that these deeply share their objectives. Currently living in Paris, working for people from different religions around the world. 

Oryoki Tenpatsu @ Tenryu-ji Japan / Photo by Yu Nozaki

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Pictures @ UNDO in Berlin